Cannabis consumption helped me cope

Vitaly Rumyantsev

My name is Vitaliy Rumyantsev, and since 2008 I have been suffering from encephalopathy, a disease associated with impaired brain function. Cannabis helped me cope with my illness until the police came to my house and instituted criminal proceedings against me for producing the medicine. So I had to defend my right to treatment in court. However, thanks to the support of the activists of the Freedom March, I was succeeding. We won in courts at various instances, the case went into the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and we were expecting a favorable final decision soon.

But the war started...

Now bombs are exploding around my house. The military moves through streets, and fierce fighting goes around nearest cities like Voznesensk and Bashtanks. Russian "liberation" troops are brutally killing civilians, shelling homes, hospitals, schools with rockets and bombs, wiping entire cities from the face of the Earth.

You can help stop this insanity. The Ukrainian military needs protective gear, children of war require protection, the ill need medicine and access to medical care. Therefore, I am asking you not to stand aside and contribute to our victory over a ruthless enemy.

Be compassionate. Donate to make a difference.

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