Freedom March is an independent cannabis law advocacy organization operating in Ukraine since 2005. Today many members of our organization are in the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting for our freedom; others provide volunteer assistance, purchase necessary protective and technical equipment and organize its delivery.

We, the Freedom March activists, call on the global cannabis community to support Ukrainians who suffered from the war.

We are launching a fundraiser to provide critical humanitarian assistance to the people in Ukraine with two lines of priority.

First, we focus on our nation's most affected and defenseless group – the orphans of the killed soldiers and civilians. These children urgently need medical and psychological care and financial support. We must help evacuate them to safety with the surviving members of their families and take care of their well-being for a while.

Second comes our central organization's focus – the patients' society of Ukraine, wounded and heavily injured soldiers and civilians, cancer patients, other vulnerable groups impacted by the war, and whose who require treatment from PTSD. We will provide these people who lost all financial sources with proper vital treatment.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that as part of our charity campaign, we will organize tournaments in Aviator Game, where a portion of the participation proceeds will be directed to support these initiatives. This is a great opportunity to support our cause while enjoying the game and having a chance to win prizes.

Be compassionate. Donate to make a difference.

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media about us

  • We are working to find a way of providing CBD-based medication to those who need it urgently: epileptic patients and wounded soldiers above all.

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  • Independent organization is focused on bolstering all forms of freedom, including access to both recreational and medicinal cannabis, both of which are currently prohibited in Ukraine

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  • Among the group’s many efforts to bolster freedom in past has been “organizing civil protests in support of the legalization of medical and decriminalization of recreational cannabis,” reads a testimony by Anton Tomazov, a Freedom March activist since 2015, a lawyer and the 29-year-old father of two.

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  • Today, with weapons in our hands, we have to defend our sovereignty and democracy, shining rays of hope at the uncertain future of the entire free world.

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  • I appeal to the rest of the free world for which we are fighting now — support us with resources, stand with Ukraine.

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    Protect Ukraine! Save lives!