Our goal is not only win the war

Freedom March during the war

Anton Tomazov

My name is Anton. I am 29, a father of two children. In the past years, I worked as a lawyer and wrote a doctoral dissertation in environmental law. In addition, as a Freedom March activist since 2015, I have been actively involved in civil activism – defending patients' rights, developing a progressive governmental drug regulation strategy, organizing civil protests in support of the legalization of medical and decriminalization of recreational cannabis. Together with the representatives of anti-corruption, cultural and educational initiatives, we have worked through the years to improve our civil society to enforce the democracy of our country.

But one night, a vile enemy attacked – an enemy that values neither human rights and freedoms nor life itself. And this changed everything.

On the first day of the war, I joined the Kyiv Territorial Defense Force, and now I work in the Headquarters of the Kyiv Military Administration. We work 24/7 to defend our city and do everything to prevent a humanitarian crisis. We fight against the invaders to defend our right to choose how we live and the right to determine our future.

I urge you to help us in our struggle. You can save the lives of our soldiers by providing each of them with proper protective gear (body armor, helmets), modern first-aid kits, walkie-talkies, etc. At the same time, we need to provide safety, protection, support and hope to our fallen warriors' families and children who lost their parents.

Together Until Victory!
Anton Tomazov

Taras Ratushnnyy

I'm a journalist, human rights activist, and state drug policy expert. First Freedom March in 2005 was an experiment in the realm of freedom of assembly. We wanted to test if Ukrainians may hold a public debate on sensitive issues. We didn't make any demands; we just wanted to start a conversation on legislation.

The reaction of society was acute; we knew that we had found a tension point. We were examining subjects that nobody dared discuss.

For the next ten years, I immersed myself in the field of drug policy. Year after year, society became more open-minded, and the discussion evolved. Finally, in 2013 the Strategy of the State Drug Policy was approved. It demanded decriminalization of the possession of small quantities of cannabis and called for the medical usage of cannabis.

The objectives of the state Strategy and those of the Freedom March matched.

Meanwhile, Russian civil society levels and society, in general, were degrading. Discussions on drug policies or even human rights are impossible under a dictatorship. Now, as we see, Russia has absolutely lost its humanity. We exist as entirely different species.

During the months before the Russian-Ukrainian war, I worked as a fixer (local assistant) to foreign media in Ukraine. But now, when part of Ukrainian society must defend our country, I joined the Ukrainian army. Another part of our society should fight at the home front. All together, we should provide equipment, body armor, and first-aid kits for the Ukrainian soldiers at the front lines. We also must provide access to healthcare and medication to patients and take care of the families of Ukrainian heroes.

Our goal is not just to win this war. We are bound to protect our sovereignty and preserve the values and achievements of recent years. I am confident that we'll achieve this.

Dmytro Shamrai

My father is a military man. I spent my childhood in East Germany. Studied at Military Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technologies named after the Heroes of Kruty. Became a civilian for health reasons. Then graduated as telecommunication specialist.

I was engaged in student council and entrepreneurial activities, published student newspaper and worked in media holding. Worked as a glassblower and owned bong store, was a journalist and sold essential oils for churches, consult business on information security, was a mediator, communicator, public relations manager and headhunter.

I'm a Revolution of Dignity activist and volunteer. But my passion in life is social activity and politics with a focus on drug policy development. Co-organizer of the Hemp Freedom March, board member of NGO MIST, member of political council of D7 movement, speaker of D7 party on the drug policy and cannabinoids.

My favorite holidays are Independence Day of Ukraine and Defenders of Ukraine Day. My general rule is if you seek peace prepare for war.

Now I protect Kyiv in the ranks of Territorial Defence Forces.

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